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Gunnm Icontest

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gunnm_icontest is an icon contest community that focuses on two of Yukito Kishiro's series, Gunnm and Gunnm: Last Order. In English speaking countries the series are licensed by Viz and called Battle Angel Alita and Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. Please do not ask for posting access. You do not need it, because I am the moderator who will be posting everything that you need for the contests.

{One} All icons must be Gunnm/Battle Angel related.
{Two} Only one submission per week.
{Three} Standard LJ icon rules apply. 100x100 pixels, gif, jpg, or png, and no more larger than 40kb.
{Four} Do not ask anyone to vote for you. Submissions must remain anonymous until the winners are announced
{Five} Icons must be made by you.
{Six} Please do not vote for yourself.
{Seven} Do not create drama.

Members may only submit one icon per challenge week. On Mondays I will post a theme and you will have until Friday night to submit. To submit, just leave a comment in the theme post. Please include: the img src, url, and any resources that you used (such as textures, brushes, patterns, and song lyrics).
Example on how to submit:

An entry to vote via comments will be put up on either Friday nights after the deadline or early Saturday. Members will vote for their top 3 choices in a screened comment and have until Sunday at 6pm to vote. Do not vote for yourself.

Winners (first, second, third, and mod's choice) and banners will be posted on Sunday nights. The first place winner will become the community's default icon until the following week.

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